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June 2024
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What ceiling fans do you recommend for a tray ceiling?
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Question: What is the best ceiling fan to install in a tray ceiling?

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A Tray ceiling adds certain elegance to a room, so the ceiling fan you choose to install in your tray ceiling needs to be attractive as well as functional since it will draw more attention to and become part of this decorative focal point.

Aside from style (which is to your personal taste), I would suggest first looking for a ceiling fan that has a built-in uplight, which will add a dramatic effect by casting soft glow on the tray ceiling. You will certainly want the uplight to have a dimmer and operate independently from a downlight (if you choose one).

You will probably want to consider a fan that has a remote control or wall control…or the best, a fan that can use both a remote control (you keep on your nightstand) and a wall control you can use to turn on the light when you enter the room.

Finally, you want to consider buying an upper end fan with a good quality motor so that it runs smooth and quiet in your bedroom and does not keep you awake at night, but rather helps promote a good nights sleep.

Without knowing the style of decor in your room, I cannot make definitive recommendations, however, there are several well-designed ceiling fans that I would suggest your first look at. They are the Romantic Breeze form Minka Aire, the Raphael by Emerson and the Banff by Emerson. Each of these fans will add a sophisticated level of elegance to your bedroom while giving you great performance and quiet operation. All come with an uplight that operates independent from a downlight are available as wall controlled or remote controlled fans (or both) for the convenience that I suggest.

These fans can be found at several places online, but I would suggest using the links below to get you started:

Minka Aire Romantic Breeze: http://www.hansenwholesale.com/ceilingfans/minkaaire/model.asp?ProdNo=F724-AG

Emerson Raphael: http://www.hansenwholesale.com/ceilingfans/emerson/model.asp?ProdNo=CF2605WB

Emerson Banff: http://www.hansenwholesale.com/ceilingfans/emerson/model.asp?ProdNo=CF720ORB

Other ceiling fans with uplights: http://www.hansenwholesale.com/ceilingfans/fansearch.asp?sbUplight=ON

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Generic Celing Fan Downrods
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Question: Can I purchase a generic downrod for a ceiling fan at a local hardware store or home center?

The answer is yes in a few cases, but no in most. For starters, even just the finishes between brands are different. What is brass from one brand may be more yellow than the brass from another. The same is true with other popular finishes like Antique Brass, Chrome and Bronze, even white.

Aside from finding the correct finish match (which is unlikely…unless you don’t care), each brand has their own type of mounting hardware for their downrods, and each brand may have several different types of downrods that work on certain fans in their line. Some have holes drilled in specific locations on then ends for a specific size set pin. Some downrods are threaded on one or both ends, others are not. Some downrods are 3/4″ and others are 1/2″ in diameter…and so on. So unless you know specifically that the downrod sold at the home center will work on your fan, you are better off purchasing a downrod that is made specifically for the brand and model of fan that you own.

At Hansen Wholesale, you can purchase dowrods that are designed specifically for the fans that are in lengths up to 72″ (and in some cases longer).

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Installing a fan on a ceiling slanted at 25%
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Question: My ceiling is slanted at 25%, can I still install a ceiling fan?

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If your ceiling is slanted at 25%, that would be a 3:12 slope, which is about 23 degrees. If you purchase a fan from a specialty ceiling fan dealer, they will be able to supply you with an optional angled ceiling adapter that is made specifically for the fan you purchase. Most of these adapters will accomodate ceilings that are pitched up to 30 degrees (some up to 25 degrees), so you should have no problem. You will also need to purchase a matching downrod.

You will probably also need to buy a downrod as well. The downrod should bring the fan blades no lower than 7 feet from the ground. Most of the better brands of fans will have downrods available up to 6 feet long, and Casablanca Fan Company has downrods as long as 10 feet. A ceiling fan expert can help you determine the correct downrod for your ceiling based on the height of the ceiling at the point you wish to locate the fan, what will be below the fan (furnishings, bed, table etc), and how large the room is.

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