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June 2024
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Can you buy ceiling fan blades seperately?
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Question: Is it possible to purchase replacement blades for my ceiling fan?

In many cases it is possible purchase replacement blades for a ceiling fan. However, you will need to make sure that the blades you purchase have the same hole pattern as the blades that came with your fan. The metal arms (called blade irons) that your blades are attached to determine the pattern of holes drilled into the blades. This pattern varies between manufacturers and in many cases, each manufacturer will have several different hole patterns they use based on the model of the fan.

Furthermore, even if you find blades that fit the hole pattern of your blade holders, you must be sure that the type of blades you purchase will actually work with your fan motor. Are they to wide? are they too long? are they too heavy? These are questions that need to be asked before you alter the blades that came with your fan.

It is very common the people will as me if you can buy palm leaf blades seperately to add to an existing ceiling fan…and usually we find that the answer is no. There are special fans designed to handle these types of blades. Many fan blades today that are very wide and are made from carved wood or palm fronds…or something similar, generally require more powerful motors, so if you put them on a fan that is not designed to handle them, the motor may burn out. Also, since some of these blades are very wide, the fan bodies that they are designed to work on have very narrow profiles so that the blades do not hit the fan body as they spin.

Based on this information, it is unlikely that you can just purchase any set of blades from any manufacturer and have them work on your fan. Your best bet is to contact the outlet from which the fan was purchased and ask them what your options are, or speak to a ceiling fan expert. If you do not know where the fan was purchased, then you should attempt to determine the brand and model number of the fan so you can contact a ceiling fan expert for help. This information is usually supplied on a label that is stuck to the very top of the ceiling fan motor. You may be able to see the label by standing on a ladder and tilting the fan enough to look at the top. Otherwise, you will need to remove the fan from the ceiling to find it.

Once you have determined the make and model of the ceiling fan, you can contact Hansen Wholesale at 1-800-201-1193 or online at http://www.hanenwholesale.com, and they may be able to determine if there are replacement blades available for your fan, as well as what types of blades will be suitable.

If you cannot find a label, you can also email a picture of your fan to info@hansenwholesale.com and ask them to help you out.

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