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July 2024
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Replacement Remote Controls
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Question: I lost my remote control. Can I buy a replacement?

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Each remote control is proprietary to the fan it came with or the receiver unit that came with the remote if the remote was an add-on feature to the fan. So in order to purchase a replacement transmitter, you will need to determine the make and model of the fan, or the make and model of the add-on remote control.

The make and model of the fan is usually found on a sticker that is on the top of the motor housing. You may be able to read the sticker by standing on a ladder and tilting the fan so you can look at the top of the motor. If you cannot find the lable in this manner, you may need to remove the fan from the ceiling.

If the remote control was an add-on feature, then you will need to remove the fan from the ceiling (or just undo the canopy) and find the receiver that is located in the canopy of the fan. There should be a lable on the receiver that will give you the make and model number.

Armed with this information, contact Hansen Wholesale at: 1-800-201-1193 and they may be able to supply a transmitter for you depending on the brand, or at least point you in the right direction (which will probably be the manufacturer of the fan or control device).

If you cannot come up with any of this information, take a picture of the fan and email it to: info@hansenwholesale.com and ask if they can determine the make and model by looking at your fan and see if they can supply the correct transmitter.

If you do find the correct transmitter, you will need to set the dip switches that control the frequency to match the dip switches located on the receiver. The dip switches for the transmitter are located in the battery compartment. You will need to look closely at the receiver unit to determine where the dip switches are. You may need to remove it from the fan and open a compartment with a screw driver to locate them.

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