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July 2024
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Ceiling Fans in Kids Rooms
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Question: Why do Kids Love Ceiling Fans?

A few years ago I did a little research on this topic because I am in the ceiling fan business and wanted to be able to answer any questions or concerns my customers have regarding installing ceiling fans in their children’s rooms. Although I found no scientific research specifically on the topic, there was plenty of information that allowed me to come to my own conclusion…which is this:

Newborn babies see objects, but can have a hard time focusing and become over-stimulated if there is too much to look at. Not only are their little eye muscles trying to develop, their little brains are trying to interpret what they see. Flat motionless objects, like walls and ceilings, are of little interest to children because they offer very little stimulation. Isolated objects that have dimension and perspective which are contrasted against a flat motionless background are less confusing and easier to focus in on. Objects with the right amount of stimulation are easier for your child to see and try to comprehend, so they are more stimulating and satisfying. Add a little motion to an object that is up against a flat background, and your child can really see it well and becomes enthralled but not overwhelmed.

Since the ceiling fan is normally in your child’s line of site when they are lying in their crib, their little eyes will automatically try to focus in on it. Turn it on, and the slight breeze they feel combined with the simple motion of an isolated object that is contrasted by a flat surface, gives them just the right amount of stimulation. So it’s no wonder that many children will giggle and coo when they lie in their crib beneath their ceiling fan.

As they grow a bit older, the familiarity of this object that has stimulated and soothed them since they were tiny helps make them feel safe and comfortable, which can help them go to sleep for years to come.

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